4 Reasons to Pick a Filter Coffee Machine Over a Pod Coffee Machine

10 December 2018
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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet, and many people across Australia find it hard to get through the day without a cup of Joe for motivation. As such, more and more are investing in coffee makers to ensure they can enjoy a good brew at home, but many find it hard to decide between different types.

When you're buying a home coffee maker, this usually comes down to pod vs. filter. Of course, they both come with their own distinct pros and cons. Here are just four reasons why you might want to pick a filter machine.

1. Lower Cost

If you're trying to keep down your costs, you'll almost certainly be attracted to a filter coffee machine over a pod machine. A filter coffee maker isn't very complex, so you can usually pick up a good one on a low budget. Pod coffee makers cost more to buy, but that's really just the tip of the iceberg. Buying pods costs more than buying ground coffee and filters, so the price difference is going to keep adding up.

2. More Flexible Flavours

If you love coffee enough to invest in a coffee maker, chances are good you'll also want to play around with different flavours. Filter coffee makers allow you the freedom to do just that, since they can work with any type of ground coffee bean. If you fancy something more exotic, it's no problem. In contrast, pod machines only work with a set selection of pods. In fact, many only work with the few produced by a certain brand.

3. Larger Capacity

Another issue with pod coffee machines is that they can only make one cup at a time. If it's just you, that's fine, but drinking coffee is often a social experience. It's going to be a little tricky if you need to make coffee for a group of friends, and you might even end up fighting with your significant other for first go in the morning. It's not a problem you'll encounter with filter coffee machines – they can make enough for several cups at once.

4. Less Waste

Finally, keep in mind that coffee pods often end up in landfill; even when they can be recycled, it usually doesn't make sense since too much energy goes into the process. Instead of creating waste every time you make a cup of coffee, look for a filter coffee machine for sale. You'll still have the filter and coffee grounds to deal with, but they aren't as much of an environmental problem and don't need to be changed after every cup.