4 Signs You May Need a New Freezer

20 April 2016
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Freezers are a vital part of any modern home, helping you to store and preserve food. However, the chances are you won't realise just how vital your freezer is until it stops working all together. Keeping your eyes open for these tell-tale signs could save you a lot of stress.

Compressor Cycle Issues 

If your compressor motor doesn't shut off, this is a big sign that you need a new freezer. A compressor motor that is constantly on is normally caused by a faulty thermostat or a defective motor. If the thermostat is faulty, the compressor motor will work overtime in an effort to reach a temperature which isn't correct. While thermostats can be replaced, if the problem lies with the motor, it is likely you will need to invest in a new freezer, due to the high cost of repairing or replacing motors it is more cost effective to buy a new appliance.

Your Freezer is Hot

If you touch the outside of your freezer and it feels hot, then you definitely have a problem. Your freezer produces heat by removing it from its interior. The most common cause of an overheating freezer unit is dusty and dirty condenser coils. To solve this problem, you should unplug the freezer and dust down the coils, which are normally found on the rear of the freezer. If your freezer continues to get hot after you have cleaned the coils, it is time to speak to an appliance professional.

Door isn't Sealed

If the door of your freezer isn't sealing properly, this will cause cold air to escape and warm air to enter the unit, causing it to work much harder than usual to maintain the correct temperature. You should keep an eye out for condensation on or around the door of your freezer. If you spot condensation then it is likely there is a problem with the door gasket. You may be able to repair the gasket and avoid the cost of a new freezer unit.

Increased Energy Bills

A freezer with a faulty compressor motor, broken thermostat or overworked condenser coils will have to consume more energy in order to keep working. If you notice a sudden spike in your household energy bills, this could be due to a faulty freezer.

By being aware of the signs that something is wrong with your freezer, you should be able to avoid the cost and hassle of replacing your freezer by nipping any potential problems in the bud, before they cause a complete failure.