Features to Look For When Choosing Refrigerated Cabinets for Your Business

31 May 2016
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Refrigerated cabinets are often a necessity for a number of businesses, including convenience stores, supermarkets, and even restaurants. Not only are they easy for customers but they also offer more control over varying temperatures inside refrigerated units. You may want to keep one cabinet colder for soda and one not as cool for desserts and such, and so on. Having separate cabinets gives you the chance to set all these varying temperatures easily. Note a few tips for choosing refrigerated cabinets for your storefront or other location.

1. Coating or walls

First start with any regulations you might have about coating or the walls of the cabinets. If you're storing fresh food items such as meats or desserts, you may need antibacterial coating that is all in one piece, so that germs and bacteria cannot settle into sections of the cabinet. For packaged items like soda, this may not be a requirement, although you might still want to invest in an interior that is made from one molded piece for easier cleaning.

2. Adjustable shelving

It can be good to invest in adjustable shelving for your refrigerated cabinet even if you plan on using it for just one particular product. This is because manufacturers often change the packaging of their product so that it might no longer fit on a certain shelf. Even beer and soda manufacturers have been known to change the size and shape of their bottles and cans, so choose adjustable shelving that you can change right along with the product.

3. Lighting

Interior lighting can be very important to a refrigerated cabinet, as you may not realize how your store's overhead lighting actually creates a glare and makes items invisible when in the cabinet. Ensure that the lighting is all the way to the back; even if customers aren't reaching into the back for an item, this will reduce that glare from your lights outside the cabinet.

4. Door

Always note how the doors will open for any refrigerated cabinet; is there enough clearance in your store for them to open all the way? If not, you might need cabinets that aren't as wide or that are sectioned more so that the doors are more narrow. Note too if they close automatically; even for floor cabinets with doors on the top that slide to one side, you want to ensure they close behind each customer so you don't lose cooling and waste electricity, or have your items inside start to get warm.